The Title Magazine

Formerly ‘Mens Fashion’ magazine, The Title was a redesign and rethink of the ‘Fashion magazine’ spin off meant to more accurately capture contemporary mens interest in Canada. I worked with the Art Director and Editor during their redesign of the print edition to craft a modern take on its editorial mission.

Designed to be easy to read and scan, as well as showcase the new look and feel; we designed the the homepage to reflect the magazine, with a focus on quickly scannable sections like “stuff that’s actually good” and ‘editors picks’.

Article templates doubled as a standard and long-read template, with gallery sections for heroes and pulled nuggets of story related information either as static information or recirculation. We also implemented sticky/fixed ads to increase time in viewport for display advertising.

The pillar templates featured immersive bold typography and featured large immersive art teasing the feature in each section.