Balm Labs

Balm Labs was conceived as a wellness brand that provides information, solutions, and community to an overlooked demographic. Their initial product, ClearBalm, is a CBD and plant-based skincare solution for adult acne.

I signed on and hired a team to help Balm plan and launch their inaugural website as a hybrid shop and editorial experience. The website's purpose was to introduce ClearBalm and Balm Labs' commitment to solving skincare problems for adults experiencing perimenopause to the world.

Mobile Homepage

Visual Design

From there on, we fleshed out the visual design. The site’s design, and design system, are rooted in type. We selected Maison Neue as the ‘workhorse’ typeface used for the interface and shopping experience. We paired that with the serif Saint Colombe to give a subtle distinction between product and editorial. Knowing we were focused on a wide age range of users, we strived for a highly scannable and easily read experience.

Primary Typeface - Maison Neue

Secondary Typeface (Editorial) - St. Colombe

Type system

Site Colors

Interface Icons

Homepage Hero Module

Product Page Mobile

Article Page Mobile

Shopping Cart


Utility Page Template

Mobile Cart, Navigation and Utility Page

I Worked On

  • Proposal, timeline, scope & budget
  • Discovery, client workshops, education
  • Product strategy & planning
  • Information architecture & wireframes
  • High-fidelity design, & design system
  • Design direction of the website and build

The Team

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