Matthew Warland
Website Design 2007 — 2013

National Post

I acted as design director for digital at National Post from 2006 to 2013. While there I redesigned the main brand’s website three times, in addition to designing and building apps, long form articles and special packages.

This page is less a case-study and more an overview of my time there (7 years, so apologies for the long page!)

Images from the last redesign, we did a rolling update of each section and article pages, improving SEO, implementing contextual microdata and further refining typographical presentation.

The Original Redesign

Below are examples of the first redesign of the Post from 2007. We took the site from a subindex on a portal to it's own URL for National Post and Financial Post. Our focus was on usability and readability.

I also worked with the graphics department on several infographic and illustrative based packages (at that time done in Flash).

We also launched one of the earliest versions of an iPhone app in Canada.

And experimented heavily with the iPad.

Images from the second redesign.

During the second redesign we introduced heavily branded blog offerings seperate from the hard news section of the site.

We also launched a 'long read' section focusing on the Canadian mission in Afghanistan.

While at the Post, I also worked on several adjacent brands, including the site design and brand for Betakit, Gastropost, Postmedia, Postmedia Labs and Infomart.

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