Ottawa Citizen Website

In late 2012 Ottawa Citizen was selected to be the first in a comprehensive redesign and rebranding of Postmedia’s newspaper products. I led the web portion of the project.


  • Content Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Visual Design

I joined a team led by Mario Garcia and Gayle Grin to work on early explorations and develop the graphic language that would arc across print, web and apps for mobile and tablets.

The design we developed on the Citizen would eventually be rolled out to the rest of Postmedia’s city newspaper sites.

From our first meet we were introduced to brand work that Carl Neuestader had commissioned for the Citizen the preceding year, designed by McMillan and redrawn by Jim Parkinson.

The first exploratory version of the home page

Using the branding as an inspirational jumping point we dove headlong into designing the web, apps and newspaper in tandem.

Refining the design

Our design process was highly iterative; as we drilled deeper, our design language came together as a unified whole using the same type, colour scheme and page furniture in each medium.

The final site

Part way throughout the process we worked with Winkreative, the agency tasked with designing the brand for network and further refined the site to reflect their choices.