Ottawa Citizen

In late 2012 Ottawa Citizen was selected to be the first in a comprehensive redesign and rebranding of Postmedia’s newspaper products. I lead the web portion of the project.

The modular design we developed on Ottawa first will eventually be rolled out to the rest of Postmedia’s city newspaper sites.

Role: Art Direction, Website Design, Design Management, UX Strategy, Technical Direction, Project Management

Additional Credits: Overall creative direction by Gayle Grin, Theme and front end build by X-Team & Postmedia Digital, Logo by Winkreative

Ottawa Citizen Home Page

The fully responsive site is one hundred precent modular and editorially controlled. The same look and feel will power Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette and Vancouver Sun to name a few. The newsroom in each market will have the ability to alter the layout to suit their needs.

Ottawa Citizen Mobile Views
Ottawa Citizen Navigation

With any content heavy website the most visited page is the article. Editors have the ability to create rich and immersive stories with a variety of tools.

Ottawa Citizen Article Page